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Bilo bi lepo početi ovu temu popisom ženskih božanstava...
Žao mi je, ali nemam snage sve ovo prevoditi, a ne mogu pronaći valjan popis koji nije na Engleskom... *


Ala - Earth Mother Goddess of the Ibo tribe in Nigeria. Creator of the living and Queen of the dead. Provider of communal loyalty and Lawgiver of society.

Anansi - Spider Goddess of Ghana

Asase Yaa - Old Woman Earth of the Ashanti people of western Africa. She gave birth to humanity and reclaims Her children at death. At planting, the Ashanti farmer prays to his ancestors and to Asase Yaa, Who lent the rights of cultivation to the living. Thursday is Her sacred day.

Astraea - Starry One. Libyan Goddess of Holy Law, symbolized by the Scales of Judgment. Celestial Virgin dispensing the fates of men.

Bahuba - Mother Goddess of Zaire.

Imama - Bahiman Goddess. Goddess of growth. (Gabon)

Lamia - Libyan Serpent Goddess. Daughter of Heaven and Great Lady. Serpent with a woman's head and breasts.

Mawu - Great Earth Goddess of the Dahomey tribe in northwest Africa, Who created humanity with clay and water.

Medusa - Serpent Goddess of the Libyan Amazons, representing Female Wisdom.

Ngame - All-powerful African Moon Goddess who gave human beings their souls by shooting lunar rays into them at birth (Akan people of Ghana)

Nommo - Cosmic Mother-Father of the tribe. Mali.

Oya - Yoruban Goddess of music and dance, wind and fire. She sometimes takes the form of tornadoes, and lightning. Wild, untamed and unpredictable, She is ruler of the Niger river. Antelope is Her spirit animal. Goddess of eloquence and clear communication, especially of women. Patroness of female leadership. Buffalo and copper are sacred to her. Goddess of storms. Guardian of sailors. Goddess of childbirth, fertility and all aspects of a woman’s life – including career, health and family. Moon Goddess. She had twelve aspects. La Balianne. La Sirene. She is often portrayed as a mermaid or beautiful woman wearing a white or blue dress and crowned with a star. Copper and silver are sacred to her.


Akussa- Egyptian Goddess of Sunset.

Ament - Ancient Egyptian Hawk Goddess. Libyan/Egyptian Goddess of the West. She lived in a tree at the edge of the desert where She watched the gates of the underworld and welcomed the newly deceased. She appears with an ostrich feather on Her head.

Anuket - The Clasper. Goddess personifying the Yonic source of the Nile Flood. Her symbol was the cowrie. Bringer of food, Creator of all good things, Filler of granaries, Patroness of the poor and needy. The Embracer (Anukis - Greek) Water Goddess. She wore a feather headdress.

Au Set - Whom the Greeks called Isis - Oldest of the Old, from Whom all things arose, Eternal Savior of the race of men. She was the Egyptian throne, the pharaohs sat on her lap, protected by Her arms or wings. She was worshipped throughout the Greco-Roman world as well as in Egypt where She was known as Au Set. Lady of the Moon, Mother of the Crops. Offerings of baskets of grain, guarded by sacred serpent. Swallow was sacred to Her. Sycamore Her sacred tree. Bloodstone and turquoise Her sacred stones. Exceeding Queen. Tamarisk tree, Water lily sacred to Her. The One Who is All held dominion over life and death, marriage, healing, handicrafts and writing, fertility and immortality. Daughter of Nut, the Sky and Geb, the Earth, She was born in the swamp land of the Nile. The ankh is the symbol of the union of AuSet (Isis) and Osiris. Her wings and solar disc nestled between lunar bovine horns denotes Her protection of the Pharaohs (the male spirit) and Her promise of rebirth.

Bast - Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess. Patron Goddess of pleasure and music, She also was protectress against contagious diseases and evil spirits. Mother of all cats, Egypt's most sacred animal.Bubastis, Her Holy city was home to the land's greatest temple. Cats were taken to the Holy city upon their deaths, where they were embalmed in Sacred Temples and buried. Originally in the Nile delta, Lion Goddess of Sunset, symbolizing the fertilizing force of the Sun's rays. She ruled pleasure and dancing, music and joy. Bestower of mental and physical health. Hundreds of thousands of Her worshipers gathered in Her holy city Bubastis where they were greeted by flutes. It was a great celebration - worship service and vast trade fair.

Bau - Mother Goddess of the Sky of Babylonia and Phoenicia.

Hathor - The Great Celestial Cow Goddess of ancient Egypt. Creator of the world and all it contains. Protectress of women, She is the Goddess of love and joy, the mistress of merriment. She is the sovereign of music and dance and the weaving of garlands. She often places Her spirit in the sistrum, a sacred rattle which drove away evil spirits. Her temple was the home of intoxication and place of enjoyment. She nourishes the living with Her milk and welcomes the dead into the next world. She was worshipped in 11th century B.C. Israel. Sometimes depicted with a lion head, as the Sphinx. Lotus was Her flower.

Hepat - Goddess of Midwives. aka Hekit. Frog was Her animal.

Isis - see Au Set - Goddess of fertility.

Maat - The All Seeing Eye, Goddess of Truth and Judgment, Law Giver and Dispenser of Justice. She weighed each man's soul against a feather. Lapis lazuli is Her sacred stone.

Menos - Moon Goddess credited with invention of writing.

Metseger - Ancient Snake Goddess of Thebes - Protectress of desert tombs.

Neith - Ancient Egyptian Warrior Goddess who was also skilled in domestic arts. It was She who wove the world on Her loom. Oldest of Egyptian Deities. Acacia is Her sacred tree.

Nekhebet - Protectress of women in childbirth, this Egyptian Vulture Goddess suckled the royal children and the Pharaoh. She is the protectress of ancient Upper Egypt. Goddess of Death & Rebirth. Egypt's oldest oracle was the shrine of Nekhebet. The Egyptian word for Mother was the sign of the vulture.

Nephthys - (Nebthet) Goddess of the Dead & the Underworld.

Nut - Ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess with Her body arched over the world forming the vault of the heavens, protecting the Earth beneath. Often represented as a woman with elongated body, touching the Earth with only toes and fingertips, while her star-spangled belly forms the arch of the heavens. Mother Goddess personifying the Night Sky.

Renenet - Egypt's Lady of the Double Granary. Goddess of suckling, Who gave each baby it's ren (secret name-soul) along with it's mother's milk.

Sekhmet - The Powerful - The Lion Goddess of Battle. She is an ancient Egyptian Fire Goddess, the healer of broken bones and fractures.

Selkhet - Ancient Egyptian Scorpion Goddess

Seshat - Egyptian Mistress of the House of Books, the Goddess of writing, history, measurements, calculation, record keeping and architecture. Goddess of Hieroglyphics. Lady of the Builder's Measure.

Tait - Title of Isis as weaver and knotter of the threads of Fate, governing all happenings with Her magical manipulation of strands.

Taueret - Egyptian Mother Goddess of the Nile. The Great Hippopotamus Goddess of childbirth and nursing.

Tefnut - Lion Goddess of the Underworld.

Uadjit - This ancient Egyptian Snake Goddess was the protectress of the Pharaoh and Lower Egypt. She is often represented as a winged, crowned Cobra. 2000 B.C. Mother of Creation. Celestial Serpent. aka UaZit. The cobra symbol meant goddess in hieroglyphics. Serpent Mother whose symbol was worn in the crowns of all deities and rulers. With the Vulture Goddess, She represented cycles of birth and death, beginning and ending. These 2 archaic Goddesses were known as the Two Mistresses by whose authority all pharaohs ruled and the cycles of nature were constantly renewed.

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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Capricorn Rooster
Broj postova : 3244
Age : 38
Location : Gore
Registration date : 23.09.2007

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Aine - Land Goddess of the Eoghanachta tribes in Munster. She is invoked at Midsummer when torches are taken through the fields to bless the growing corn with sacred fire.

Airmed - Goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan, the most ancient deities of Ireland. She had great magical powers and herb craft was Her specialty.

Ardwinna - Continental Celtic Goddess of the Wildwood. She demanded a fine for every animal killed in Her wood, which She was said to oversee mounted on a wild boar.

Arianrhod - Mother Goddess of Celtic Aryans, Keeper of the endlessly circling Silver Wheel of the Stars, symbol of Time. Silver Wheel That Descends into the Sea. Welsh Sorceress Goddess of the Silver Wheel. Beautiful and pale of complexion, She was the most powerful of the mythic children of the Mother Goddess Don. Willow is Her tree.

Arnamentia - Ancient British Goddess of Spring Waters.

Artio - Great Goddess of wildlife in Celtic Gaul and Britain.

Badb - Crow Goddess. Form of Morrigan, great Irish War Goddess. Sometimes took the form of a hooded crow, a wolf, a bear or a heifer, or a giant woman Who straddled a river with one foot on each bank.

Banba - Irish Earth Goddess. Land Unplowed for a Year.

Ban Naomha - Irish Fish Goddess.

Becuma - Irish Goddess of the Magic Boat.

Belisama - Celtic Goddess of the Mersey River.

Blancheflor - White Flower, Celtic Lily Maid Who represented the Maiden aspect of the triple Goddess. The red flower stands for the Mother and the black bird for the Crone, according to the three sacred colors of the Gunas.

Blodewedd - Welsh Virgin Goddess of Spring, totem the owl, bird of wisdom and lunar mysteries. The Ninefold Goddess of the western isles of Paradise. (Arianrhod) Flowerface. Most beautiful and treacherous.

Boann - Primal Goddess of the River Boyne. She of the White Cow.

Bodua - Continental Celtic War Goddess.

Branwen - Goddess of Regeneration Who kept the Cauldron of Regeneration. Alder was Her tree. The White Bosomed One. Welsh Love goddess. Venus of the Northern Sea. The crow is Her animal. She is the White Crow.

Briget (Brigid) - Triple Goddess of the great Celtic empire of Brigantia, which included parts of Spain, France and the British Isles. Female sage, Protectress of poets and bards. Unable to eradicate the cult of Briget (pronounced Breed), the Catholic church made Her a saint, saying She was a nun Who founded a convent at Kildare. But the convent was known for its heathenish miracles and evidences of fertility magic. Cows never went dry; flowers and shamrocks sprang up in Her footprints, eternal Spring reigned in Her bower. Her feast day is the first of February, the first day of Spring in the pagan calendar. Imbolc, the day of union between Goddess and God. Teacher of the martial arts and Patroness of battle. Wells were sacred to Her. Shamrock Her sacred plant. Rowan Her tree. Scallop shell sacred to Her. Goddess of smithcraft, poetry, dying, weaving and brewing. Goddess of inspiration, healing and medicine. Bright Arrow, Bright One, Inventor of whistling. No man was allowed to pass beyond the hedge surrounding Her sanctuary. Lady of Fire and Sunlight. She is sometimes depicted with a cauldron as a symbol for inspiration. Her shrine at Kildare was maintained by 19 virgins who tended Her undying fire until almost modern times. On Her feast day of Imbolc, the universal Celtic fertility day, the Goddess Brigit kindles the fire in the Earth, preparing the way for Spring. Her power is that of fire-in-water: a power that heals and nourishes. Imbolc is the first day of Spring, mid-way through the dark half of the year. Brigit, Goddess of all creative activity, rekindles the fire in the Earth, preparing it for the reemergence of green things. This stirring of new life is manifested by the first flowing of milk in the udders of ewes, a few weeks before the lambing season. Agricultural tools are reconsecrated for use, household fires and the fire of the smith’s forge are blessed by the Goddess (often by a woman who plays the role of Brigit) and talismans of rushes, Brigit’s Crosses are made for the protection of homes. Brigit’s snake comes out of the mound in which it hibernates, and it’s behavior is thought to determine the length of the remaining period of frost. The Triple Brigit - On Imbolc, She is revealed in Her 3 aspects. As Muse, She inspires bards with the spirit of truth. As Guardian of the forge and consort of smiths, She is the patroness of warriors. As the Lady of the Land Who knows all herbs, She is the greatest of healers. Oystercatcher is Her sacred bird. Goddess of agriculture, knowledge, inspiration, and fertility magic. Blackberry sacred to her. Goddess of regeneration and abundance, closely connected with livestock and domesticated animals, especially dairy cows. Milkmaid Bride, Golden-haired Bride of the kine. She provided abundant ale-harvests. Her miraculous powers changed water into ale and stone into salt. With boundless generosity she fed birds, animals, and the poor. She wove the first piece of cloth in Ireland and wove into it healing threads which kept their power for centuries. Many healing wells and springs were names for her. Imbolc is the time when the animal world begins to stir from its winter sleep in the depths of earth and life and light is ushered in by Brigid, the Queen.

Caillech - Old Celtic name for Kali, The Great Goddess in Her Destroyer aspect. The Veiled One. Elder Her tree. Great pre-Celtic Goddess of British Isles. She had an eye in the middle of a blue-black face. She had red teeth and white hair. Controlled the seasons and the weather. Cosmic goddess of Earth and Sky, Moon and Sun.

Canola - Ancient Irish Goddess. Inventor of the Irish harp.

Carman - Irish Goddess of Sterility.

Cerridwen - Triple Goddess. The Great Sow. The Old White One - Sow Goddess of ancient Wales who gave gifts of grain, bees and piglets. A fertility Goddess. Birch Her tree.

Cessair (Kesara) - Early Irish Earth goddess. When Ireland coalesced out of the Underworld, the first beings to reach it were the followers of Cessair, a chieftain Who brought with Her 50 women and 3 men.

Dana - Eponymous Great Mother of the Danes and the Irish Tuatha D Danaan, people of the Goddess Dana.

Danu - aka Anu, Ana, Cat Ana, Aine. Ancient Ancestress Goddess of Ireland.

Dictynna - Lawgiving Goddess of Mount Dicte.

Epona - Celtic/Saxon Horse Goddess of Iron Age Britain. Her cult stretched throughout Europe, from Spain to Eastern Europe and northern Italy to Britain. Irish kings were symbolically united with a white mare up to the 11th century. The Divine Horse still stands on a hillside at Uffington, 370 feet long, carved in chalk. She has the power to appear as a lively woman or a horse. Sometimes, She was the essence of a turbulent stream, for She is also a fertility Goddess, looked to for the cultivation of maternal instincts, prosperity and ample crops. Her waters are a source of healing and She watches over dogs and horses. She symbolizes wild freedom. Her dark counterpart, the Black Mare or Night Mare (Melanippe). Great Mare Goddess Who granted sovereignty over the land to the continental Celts. After Roman conquest, She became patroness of horses and all who work with horses. Traditionally shown with a stable key.

Eriu - The Lady Eire - ancient Irish Goddess, Controller of the western apple garden of immortality.

Flidhais - Woodland Goddess, sometimes took the form of a doe.

Morgan Le Fay - Death Goddess. Wells were sacred to Her. aka Morrigan, Mara, Fata Morgana. Raven Her bird. Shamrock Her plant.

Morrigu - Goddess of Battle. She sometimes takes the shape of a woman washing a bloodied piece of clothing at the edge of a ford. The warrior who beholds Her knows that he will soon die.

Nimue - Moon Goddess of Fate.

Rhiannon - Celtic horse goddess, also known as Epona. The Great White Mare. Goddess of the harvest. Raven Her bird.

Sinclair - Sacred Light.

Sul – Celtic Goddess associated with the English town of Bath. Sul means eye or gap. Gap refers to entrance to the underworld out of which flows hot springs. Sul (pronounced Shool in Gaelic) is the dark Goddess. Goddess of curses, blessing, healing and prophecy. She is often shown with the head of an owl. When Romans invaded Britain, her temple was converted to that of Sul Minervis combining her with their goddess Minerva. The Springs at Bath were originally known as Aquae Sulis (Waters of the Sun).


Chang-O - Moon Goddess. Keeper of the Ambrosia of Immortality. She lives on the moon with a white rabbit. Her husband only visits on the night of the new moon.

Hsi Wang Mu - Lady Queen of the West. Great Mother Who kept the Peaches of Immortality in a magic orchard in the West. She made potion of immortality from her magical peaches. It takes 3,000 years for her peach trees to come to fruit, during which time she tends them like a mother. She is Royal Mother of the Western Paradise. The power of her peach trees is so remarkable that Chinese wizards used their branches for magic wands. Eating the fruit insures 3,000 years of good health and happiness.

Kuan Yin - Eponymous Great Mother of China, Lady Who brings children, represents the principle of Karuna, Boundless Compassion. Often appeared as a Fish Goddess. Chinese Holy Mother of compassion and mercy who chose to remain on earth until every human being is free from pain. Symbol for courageous loving kindness.

Mat Chinoi - Serpent Goddess, Mother of the Chinese. In her belly lived beautiful angels who received the souls of the dead.

Shin-Mu - Mother of Perfect Intelligence, China's Holy Virgin.


Ariadne - Most Holy, High Fruitful Mother. Moon Goddess.

Britomartis - Cretan Sweet Girl. Great Goddess of Minoan Crete. Lily was Her flower.

Dictynna - Lawgiving Goddess of Mount Dicte. Her plant was Dittany.
Europa - Full Moon, the Great Goddess as Mother of all Europe. White Moon Cow. Garlanded white bulls were sacrificed to this Lunar Cow Goddess in Crete and Mycenae from a very early date.

Leukippe - White Mare- Horse Goddess.

Minoan Snake Goddess - 1600 - 1500 B.C.E.

Pasipha - She Who Shines for All. Cretan Moon Goddess.

Rhea - Aegean Universal Mother, Great Goddess, Pre-Hellenic Great Mother Goddess. Also known as Britomartis, Great Goddess of Bronze Age Crete and the Aegean Islands. Great Mother. She had no consort and ruled supreme before the coming of patriotic Hellenic invaders. Archetypal Triple Goddess. Britomartis, the Sweet Virgin, Dictynna, the Lawgiving Mother and Aegea, the foundress of Aegean civilization. aka Coronis. Pre-Roman Latium knew Her as Rhea Silvia, Rhea of the Woodland, under Whose rule, the Vestal Virgins were neither celibate nuns, nor servants of the state, as they became in later ages. They were choosers and deposers of the early Latin kings, a college of matronae who ruled the rulers and took no husbands. Her children were cared for by Acca Larentia - the Holy Harlot or High Priestess.


Amphitrite - Sea Goddess

Ananke - Necessity. Neo-Platonic Pythagorean Goddess Who governed the world according to Karmic Law. Aspect of the Triple Goddess with Dike and Heimarmene.

Aphrodite - Greek Love Goddess who sailed the seas in a scallop shell. Queen of the Sea. Her Sacred metal is copper. Goddess of birth, life, love, death, time and fate, reconciling man to all of them through sensual and sexual mysticism. Patroness of arts and letters, craft and culture.The Dove was her totem. Myrtle was Her sacred plant, sacred number 6. Goddess of Love and Beauty and Laughter. Loving Goddess. Goddess of Love. The irresistible Goddess who stole away even the wits of the wise. She sprang from the sea near Cythera and was called The Foam-risen. Beautiful Golden Goddess. Cythera and Cyprus are Her sacred places. Myrtle was Her tree, Dove Her bird, sometimes too the sparrow and swan. Copper sacred to Her, Emerald and Pearl, Rose and Violet.

Arachne - Goddess of Spinning, Weaving, Thread arts. Spinner of the Web of Fate.

Artemis - Amazonian Moon Goddess, Mother of all animals, Goddess of the Heart, Divine Huntress, Patroness of nurture, fertility and birth. Scythian tribes who worshipped Her were called Alani (Hunting Dogs). Great Bitch, her priestesses were the Sacred Bitches. The word Bitch took on negative meaning in Christian Europe because it is one of the most sacred titles of the Goddess. The term "son of a bitch" did not mean son of a dog, but spiritual son of the pagan Goddess. Virgin Moon Goddess, Lady of the Beasts, Mistress of the Animals. Sometimes depicted as a bear. Mugwort, Wormwood are Her plants. Willow, Her tree. A mellissae, Queen Bee, She is sometimes surrounded by bees.

Athene - Goddess of wisdom, and justice. Mother Goddess and Protectress of the city of Athens, the Holy Virgin. Scales of Judgment, Celestial Virgin dispensing the fates of men. Gray-eyed, Flashing eyed Embodiment of Wisdom, Reason and Purity. Protectress of civilized life, handicrafts, especially weaving and pottery. Goddess of agriculture. Inventor of the horse bridle, the plow and rake. Sulfur sacred to Her. Olive, Her tree. The owl is Her totem and source of inspiration. Goddess of architecture. A warrior goddess, skilled in battle. Her brilliance of reason was said to be as penetrating as her clear, gray eyes.

Baubo - Greek Goddess of Laughter.

Buto - Serpent Goddess aka Uazit.

Cer (Ker) - Goddess of violent death.

Ceto - Sea Goddess.

Circe - Death Goddess, falcon Her bird. Pure Mother Bee. Poppy Her flower.

Coronis - Crow Goddess

Daphne - Laurel Goddess. Oleander Her plant.

Demeter - Doorway of the Mysterious Feminine. 13th century B.C. Goddess of the Harvest, Her spirit was manifest in the final sheaf of the harvest. Mistress of Earth and Sea. Mother Goddess from 13th century B.C. Mycenae through the Middle Ages of Europe. Goddess of the Corn. Sacred Sow. Sulfur was sacred to Her. Every field of grain was Demeter's holy grain. The threshing floor, too was under Her protection. Both were Her temples where at any moment She might be present. Demeter of the corn-ripe yellow hair. Goddess of the Eleusinian Mysteries, celebrated at Harvest time, September, every 5 years, lasted 9 days. Most sacred of all Greek and Roman festivals. Poppy is Her flower.

Eos - Birth Goddess, Rosy-fingered Dawn.

Eurydice - Greek Mother of Fate, the Orphic name for Goddess of the Underworld. Snakes were Her sacred animals, and constant companions.

Eurynome - Universal One, Pelasgian Creatress Who danced alone on the primordial ocean of Chaos until She brought the elements to order.

Gaea - Mother Earth, Mother of the Gods, the Deep Breasted One, Oldest of Divinities.

Galatea - Milk-giving Goddess. She Who made the Wheel of the Stars with Her Milk.

Hebe - Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess, Hebe.Hera.Hecate. She governed the Tree of Life with it's Magic Apples of Immortality. Goddess of Youth.

Hecate - Moon Goddess, Protectress of childbirth. Her totem was a Frog. Wise Crone of the Hebe.Hera.Hecate triple Goddess. She is worshipped where three roads meet. Goddess of Magic and Prophecy. Protectress of travelers. Monkshood (Wolfbane) Her plant. Goddess of the Dark of the Moon, the black nights when the Moon is hidden. Often depicted with a basket. Henna sacred to Her, and willow, Her tree.

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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Broj postova : 3244
Age : 38
Location : Gore
Registration date : 23.09.2007

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Hera - Great Mother of the Triple Goddess, Hebe, Hera, Hecate. Pomegranate Her fruit. Protectress of married women. Cow and Peacock are sacred to Her. Cuckoo, as the rainbird was sacred to Her. Lily, Her flower.

Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth. One of the oldest matriarchal Goddesses. She represented the Heart of the Home. aka Vesta. Every banquet began and ended with an offering to Her. Each city had a public hearth sacred to Hestia where the fire was never allowed to go out.

Hygeia - Health. She and Her Sister Goddess Panacea sprang from the milk of the Goddess Rhea.

Io - Moon. The White Cow Goddess Who Mothered the Ionians.

Iris - Goddess of the Rainbow. Source of the waters from on high, Mother of Love. Bridge between Heaven and Earth. Messenger of the gods. Gathered the souls of women. Iris is Her flower.

Kore - Holy Virgin, Inner Soul of Mother Earth. One of the earliest designations of the Female Spirit of the Universe.

Leda - Goddess Who gave birth to the World Egg. Swan is Her totem.

Leto - Greek Mother of the Moon and Sun (Artemis and Apollo).

Maia - White Goddess. Greek goddess of the spring and rebirth. Grandmother of Magic, Mother of Greek Enlightened One, Hermes. As the mother of Hermes, she was considered the grandmother of magic. She is celebrated on May Day. Her tree the Hawthorne, also called the May tree.

Nike - Pre-Hellenic Victory Goddess of Samothrace.

Oenothea - Wine Goddess. Dispenser of Immortality, keeping gods and men alive with Her Magic Ambrosia.

Pandia - All Goddess, one of three daughters of the Moon in Greece. A title of the female Trinity. Her two sisters were Erse and Nemea.

Pandora - All Giver, title of Earth Goddess Rhea. She poured out blessings from Her honey-vase called a pithos.

Pangaea - Universal Gaea, title of the Earth Mother at Her mountain shrine in Thrace. She was called Ida, Olympia, Panorma, Universal Mountain Mother.

Penelope - She Whose Face is Veiled. Greek Goddess of Fate. The Weaver.

Persephone - Queen of the Underworld. Destroyer Goddess. Crone of the Triple Goddess with Kore and Demeter. Narcissus Her flower.

Pitys - Fir tree Goddess. Satyrs wore fir twigs in Her honor.

Selene - Variant of Semele -Moon Goddess

Semele - Mother of Dionysus. Associated with both the Earth and the Moon.

Themis - Pre-Hellenic Creatress. Her children were Themistes, Oracles. She founded the oracle of Delphi long before it was taken over by Apollo. Egyptians called Her Temu, spirit of the fertile Abyss that gave birth to all things in the beginning.

Tyche - Greek Fortune, Goddess of Destiny.


Aditi - Hindu Great Goddess, as the Woman Clothed with the Sun. Sun Goddess, Mother of all the Lights of Heaven. She gave birth to the twelve zodiacal spirits.

Ananta - Indian Serpent Queen. aka Sarparajni. She enveloped all gods during their death, sleeping between incarnations.

Banka-Mundi - Hunting Goddess of the Khoud. Merely uttering Her name made one fearless against jungle beasts.

Bardaichila - Assamese Storm Goddess.

Bentakumari - Assamese Water Goddess. First fish of the season was given to Her.

Bhasundara - Tibetan Goddess of Prosperity

Bhavani - Common name for Mother Goddess of India. Bestower of Existence. Evoked by women in labor, who burned perfume to honor Her.

Bisal-Mariamna - Shakti of Sunlight in Mysore. Symbolized by a brass pot full of water called the Kunna-Kannadi or “eye mirror”. Into this pot are put pepper leaves and coconut flowers, a small metal mirror leans against it.

Budhi Pallien - Assamese Forest Goddess, appears as a tiger roving through the Indian jungle.

Chomo-Lung-Ma - Goddess Mother of the Universe, original name of Mt.. Everest. One of the oldest Indian deities.

Devi - Dearly Beloved Goddess

Durga - the Queen Mother, Warrior Goddess, rode tigers into battle defending Her children, the gods.

Hudigamma - Hindu Mother Goddess served by eunuch priests dressed in women's clothes.

Indrani - Queen of the gods.

Ista Devata - Tantric Patroness of the Self. Individual Guardian Angel of the Enlightened Sage.

Jagadamba - see Kali.

Kadru - Serpent Goddess, Mother of the Nagas, or Cobra people.

Kali - Black Earth Mother, Conqueror of Time, Goddess of fertility, death and regeneration. Dark Mother, Hindu triple Goddess of creation, preservation and destruction. Birth and Death Mother. Treasure house of Compassion, Giver of Life to the World. Her mantras brought into being the very things whose names She spoke for the first time, Originator of the creative word or Logos. A triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Crone. Lady of the Dead. The Ocean of Blood at the beginning and end of the world. Also known as Jagadamba.

Kauri - Indo-European Swan Goddess. Cowrie shell was sacred to Her.

Khon-Ma - Mother Earth, Ruler of All Spirits emanating from the Earth element.

Kundalini - Serpent Goddess representing the inner power of the human body.

Kurukulla - Dravidian Goddess of Caverns.

Lakshmi - Goddess of beauty, prosperity and good fortune. Portrayed as a golden skinned woman sitting or standing on a lotus, Her symbol. Hindu Goddess of Sovereignty. Source of the divine drink Soma. aka Padma, Lady Lotus. Born from the Ocean of Milk standing on a lotus blossom.

Manasa-Devi - Serpent Goddess of Bengal, identified with the Moon, bearing the Moon's magic name Mana.

Marici - Buddhist Diamond Sow, Great Goddess seated on a lotus surrounded by 7 pigs. Glorious One. Sun of Happiness.

Maya - Virgin aspect of the triple Hindu Goddess, symbolized by a Spider, spinner of magic, fate and earthly appearances. The spider's web was likened to the Wheel of Fate and the spider to the Goddess as a Spinner, sitting at the hub of Her Wheel. Mother of the Enlightened One, Buddha. Her colors were white, red and black. Hawthorne, Her tree.

Nanda Devi - Blessed Goddess. Mountain Mother Who gave birth to the Ganges. Nanda Devi is one of the Holiest Mountains of the Himalayan chain.

Parvati - Maiden aspect of Kali. Daughter of the Mountain. Shiva's bride. Daughter of Heaven. Also known by Maya, Sati, Durga, Shakti, Privithi. Dark and colorful, ornate and mysterious. The richness of hues in Her attire as well as Her jewels symbolize Her power. She lifts Her veil to reveal Her beauty, shining like the Sun rising over the mountain of Anapurna. The cocoon, butterfly and the karmic golden wheel reflect Her deep connection with life and death, cause and effect, and transformation.

Prajnaparamita - Personification of Wisdom

Prakriti - Nature. Sanskrit title of Kali as female Holy Trinity, commanding the Gunas, the white, red and black threads of Creation, Preservation and Destruction. She embodied past, present, future; earth, sea, sky; youth, maturity, age.

Privithi - Very ancient Earth Mother.

Sara Kali - Queen Kali, Mother Goddess of the gypsies. The Mother, the Woman, the Sister, the Queen, the source of all Romany blood. Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Sarama - Vedic Bitch Goddess, Mother of the brindled Dogs of Yama. The Huntress.

Saranyu - Goddess Who gave birth to all animals, Mother of all Creatures. Vedic Mare Goddess, Mother of the Centaurs.

Sarasvati - White skinned Goddess of poetry, music, science and learning as well as all creative arts. Inventor of the Sanskrit language. She wears a crescent moon on her brow and rides a swan or a peacock, or is seated on a lotus. Inventor of all the arts of civilization: music, art, mathematics, letters, calendars, magic, the Vedas and all other branches of learning and teaching. She represents the powerful, pure light of education which destroys the darkness of ignorance. Ancient Sacred River Goddess. Queen of Heaven. Mother of Waters. aka Ganga. She originated in the Ocean. Great culinary Goddess, She invented Soma, or Amrita (drink of bliss). Independent of nature. Goddess of sensual love. Her name means, The Flowing One. Often depicted seated on a lotus blossom accompanied by her white swan.

Savitri - Hindu Mother of Civilization, She Who brought forth music and literature, rhythm, time, measurements, day and night, memory, conquest, victory and yoga.

Shakti - Tantric title of the Great Goddess. Cosmic Energy. The Tantras say the female principle antedates and includes the male principle and this female principle is the Supreme Divinity. Tantric doctrine says mortal women are life itself, and Goddess-like, because they embody the principle of Shakti. The series of Universes appear and disappear with the opening and shutting of her eyes. (from the Lalita Sahasranamam) Final union with Shakti occurred at the moment of Death, according to Tantric mystics.

Shasti - Bengali Feline Goddess, depicted riding a cat. Goddess of childbirth and Protectress of Children.

Shitala - Protectress against small pox. Mothers appealed to Her for help for their children.

Sita - Furrow, the Goddess Earth as the wife of Rama.

Smashana-Kali - Kali Ma as the Goddess of cremation grounds and other places of Death. Her yantra was an 8 petaled lotus with multiple repetitions of the inverted triangle. The meaning was Rebirth following Death. Her priestesses, called dakinis, arranged funerals and tended the dying.

Tara - Pre-Vedic Savior Goddess, known from India to Ireland. Indo-European primal Goddess Earth. An extremely ancient festival held annually at Athens was named after Her, Taramata (Mother Tara) nicknamed The Rioting because of its wild orgiastic customs. The sacred grove of Tara in Ireland was the Goddess’s genital shrine. In India, Tara is called The Most Revered of the old pre-vedic Goddesses. Wine is sacred to Her. Goddess of Compassion, The Diamond Sow. Diamonds are Her sacred stone. Tibetan Buddhist Great Mother. She is a Boddhisattva, an enlightened One who has vowed to incarnate until all beings have attained enlightenment. She also vowed to incarnate only as a female. She governs the Underworld, the Earth and the Heavens, birth, death and regeneration, love and war, the seasons, all that lives and grows, the Moon cycles. Green Tara is Her Nature-related aspect. Typically She is seen as a slender and beautiful woman of white complexion, long golden hair and blue eyes. She can also appear as red, black or dark blue. Her animals are the sow, mare, owl and raven. Goddess of spiritual transformation. When worshiping Tara, recognize all you see as Her body, made of green light, all you hear is Her divine speech, and all your thoughts as Her divine wisdom. Every molecule of air is Her divine energy and when you lie down, your head rests in Her lap. Tibetan Goddess of mercy. Compassionate Mother. She is the Protectress of the poor, the sick and the unfairly imprisoned. She has the power to heal all sorrows and suffering and to grant all wishes. First female Buddha.

Uma - The Golden Goddess, personifying light and beauty. Daughter of the Mountains, Patroness of yogic ascetism. Kali’s Crone aspect. aka Prisni, Mother of the Dark Season, Daughter of Heaven. Mother Death.

Ushas - Vedic Goddess of the Dawn.


Amaterasu- Supreme Shinto Sun Goddess from Whom the imperial family traced descent. Great Shining Heaven.

Benten - Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, beauty, music and art. Queen of the Sea, a dragon woman Who swam in state through Her domain with a retinue of white snakes. She plays the biwa, a stringed instrument like the mandolin. With the power of music and art, she can charm the ddragon king and is able to help men escape the angry dragons that can devour them. She honors love and marriage. Sometimes depicted as a beautiful woman mounted on a dragon. Goddess of the gift of Eloquence. Also known as Benzai-ten.

Fuji - Grandmother, Ancestress, Holy Mother Mountain.

Ukemochi – Japanese goddess of food.

Uzume - Goddess of Merriment.

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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Od svih tih nabrojanih Boginja ja se klanjam samo
Afroditi i Fortuni...Boginjama ljubavi i srece...
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Acca Larentia - the Holy Harlot or High Priestess.

Alemona - Roman Goddess Who guards the fetus.

Angerona - Silent Goddess of Rome. Shown holding a finger to Her sealed mouth. goddess of the Winter Solstice.

Anna Perenna - Ancient Etruscan/Roman Goddess of the Year. She had two faces, Prorsa and Postverta, who looked forward and back in time. She ruled both prophecy of the future and history of the past. Ruler of Human and Vegetative reproduction. Her festival of March 15 was one of merrymaking and promiscuity. A fertility festival celebrating the fruitful Earth.

Antevorta - Goddess of Prophecy.

Aurora - Goddess of Dawn.

Bona Dea - Good Goddess. She was worshipped only by women and only in utter secrecy at rites in early December. Conducted by the Vestal priestesses, these celebrations were held at the home of a high-ranking matron, decorated with vine branches and freely flowing wine in honor of this Goddess of Abundance and Prophecy.

Candelifera - Goddess Who assists at births.

Carmenta - Goddess of writing and the alphabet, Prophecy and Midwifery.

Carna - Goddess of food assimilation and survival.

Carya - pre-hellenic goddess of walnut trees.

Ceres - Goddess of the harvest.

Cotys - Thracian Moon Goddess.

Coventina - Mother of Covens, Celtic Goddess as patroness of healing wells and springs.

Diana - Goddess of Wild Creatures. Goddess of hunting, the moon, and wild natural places. Forests and woodlands are sacred to Her, especially oak groves. Strong, athletic Goddess who ran with a pack of dogs.

Feronia - Wolf Mother worshipped by the Sabines before the foundation of Rome.

Flora - Goddess of Spring. The Flourishing One, honored annually on May Day. Lady of Pleasure.

Juno - Great Mother, Queen of Heaven. Roman ruling goddess, Optima Maxima (best and greatest). Protector of all women, from birth to death. She was the soul of all Roman women. Patroness of marriage. Protector of all newborn children. Peacocks are associated with her.

Lara - Shortened form for the Roman Goddess Acca Larentia, Mother of the Lares or household spirits.

Lat - Eponymous, milk-giving Lunar Goddess, Mother of Pre-Roman Latium, Mother of the World Egg and the Sun. From the Moon came water, milk, blood, plant sap and all life-supporting fluids.

Lucina - Goddess of Childbirth.

Luna - Latin Moon Goddess. Creatress Who first drifted alone on the primal ocean of Chaos until She decided to bring orderly forms out of elemental formlessness. aka Mana - ruled archaic Scandinavia, Arabia and central Asia.

Lupa - The Great Wolf Bitch. Sacred Roman She Wolf, nurse of the foundling twins Romulus and Remus. Lupa's temple harlots were lupae, sometimes called Queens or High Priestesses. Her greatest festival was the annual Lupercalia, celebrated in the Grotto of the She-Wolf, with orgiastic rites to insure the year's fertility.

Marica - She gave birth to the god-king Latinus, ancestor of all Latin tribes.

Mensa - Goddess of Measurement, numbers, calendars, calculations, tables and record keeping.

Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom and the Moon. Her totem animal was the owl. Scales of Judgment. Celestial virgin dispensing the fates of men.

Pomona - Apple Mother. Goddess of fruit trees. Roman banquets ended with apples, as an invocation of Her good will. Protectress of orchards and gardens.

Proserpina - Queen the the Underworld. Roman version of Persephone.

Tellus - Earth Goddess.

Venus - Goddess of Love, Star of the Sea, Queen of Pleasure, Mother of the Roman people. Goddess of spring. Protectress of Venice.

Vesta - Roman name for Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and the Altar. Guardian of Innermost things. Rome's oldest Goddess-matriarch. Guardian of flocks and herds. Quartz Her sacred stone.


Chalchiuhtlicue- Aztec Goddess Who held dominion over all running water, including rain. Because of Her dismay and anger over the wickedness of humanity, She sent a flood, tears of the Goddess, to erase and cleanse the world of evil, but in Her kindness, She provided a bridge of many hues (the rainbow) for the righteous. She was often summoned for protection of the newborn and for strength of the marriage bond and perfect love. Usually, She is depicted wearing a jade necklace, turquoise earrings, and a crown of feathers, signifying Her association with vegetation, the water of life and growth. Her black and white apparel remind us of Her dual nature.

Chicomecoatl - Mexican Goddess, Heart of the Earth and ancestress of all peoples. Her messengers were seven serpents.

Chimalman - Aztec Virgin Goddess. Aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Coatlicue - Lady of the Serpent Skirt, Mother of all Aztec deities, as well as the Sun, Moon and Stars. She produced Life and received the dead. She was associated with volcanic mountains.

Malinalxochitl - Primal Mother of Aztec mythology, ruler of men and beasts.

Mictecaciuatl - Eponymous Mother Goddess of Mexico. Lady of the Place of the Dead.

Tlalteutli - Aztec Goddess of Creation. At the beginning of Time, the Universe was made of Her body.

Tlazolteotl - Aztec Mother Goddess resembling the medieval Hecate as Queen of the Witches. Her animals were the snake and the screech owl. Her sabbats were held at crossroads. Her symbol was a broomstick. She was associated with the Moon. She Who gave birth to the Sun.

Xochiquetzal - Goddess of All Women, Goddess of Love. Daughter of Coatlicue. Mexican Aphrodite, many faceted Love Goddess, Moon Virgin, fairy queen and Madonna. Patroness of marriage and sacred harlots, dance, spinning, weaving, changes and transformations, magic and art. Mother of all races. The Dove was her totem, Marigold her flower. Mexican flower goddess. Mother of the World.


Achamoth - Mother Goddess Who gave birth to the creator of the material universe, according to early Gnostic Christians.

Aka - Ancient Turkish Mother Goddess.

Al-Lat - Arabian Moon Goddess, Universal Source of Nourishment. Mother Earth and Her Fruits. Arabic Supreme Goddess. A triple Goddess with Al-Uzza and Menat. Oaths are sealed with the vow "By the salt, By the fire, and by Al-Lat who is the greatest of all."

Al-Mah - Persian Moon Goddess. Nubile Woman.

Al-Uzza - Powerful One. Arabic Goddess. Founder of MohammedÕs tribe, the Koreshites, hereditary tenders of Her Sacred Stone in Mecca.The Mighty. Mohammed worshipped this Desert Goddess of the Morning Star. Acacias are Her sacred tree.

Anath - Strength of Life. Worshipped by Canaanites, Amorites, Syrians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Phoenicians. Queen of Heaven and Mistress of all the gods.

Anatu - Great Mesopotamian Goddess, Ruler of the Earth and Queen of the Sky.

Aramaiti - Iranian Earth Goddess, Whose language was the original language of the Christian Gospels. Mother of the People made of Clay.

Arianna - Great Goddess of Persia (Iran).

Aruru - Sumero-Babylonian Great Goddess Who was the original Potter Who created human beings out of clay.

Asherah - Semitic name of the Great Goddess. Sacred Grove, Divine Harlot, Lady of Heaven, Queen of the Gods, Lady Who Traverses the Sea. Sacred Cow. Symbol - stylized multi branched tree. She Who gives birth to the gods, Goddess of the Tree of Life, Goddess of the Grove. She Who gives birth, Wet-nurse of the gods. Ugaritic Mother Goddess. She was the Force of Life, experienced as benevolent and enduring, found in flocks of cattle and groves of trees, evoked in childbirth and planting time. Sometimes appeared as a naked, curly-haired Goddess riding a sacred lion and holding lilies and serpents in up-raised hands.

Ashnan - Sumerian Goddess of Grain.

Atthar - Ancient Arabic Sun Goddess. Torch of the Gods.

Belit-Ilani - Babylonian Mistress of the gods. Evening Star of Desire. Portrayed as a woman Who bears a suckling baby on Her left arm and Who blesses the child with Her right hand.

Chaabou - Semitic Earth Mother.

Deborah - Queen Bee Goddess of early Mycenae and Anatolia. Identified with the Tree of Life.

Derceto - Babylonian Sea Goddess. The Whale of Der.Dike - Goddess of Justice. Aspect of the Triple Goddess with Ananke and Heimarmene. Pre-hellenic Syrian Fish Mother Goddess.

Erua - Babylonian Queen of Heaven. She controlled birth among all creatures in Her land.

Fatima - Arabian Moon Goddess, Creatress, Source of the Sun, Tree of Paradise. She existed from the beginning of the material world.

Gula - Babylonian Great Goddess. Lady of Birth and Mother of Dogs. Fate Goddess. The Great Doctoress Who could cure or cause sickness.

Inanna - Sumerian Queen of the Land. Source of the Earth's life blood. She filled the wells, rivers and springs with Her blood. 2,000 B.C.E. Juniper is Her tree. Queen of Heaven, Sumerian (Iraq) Queen Moon, Great Goddess of the Bronze Age. Often depicted standing with two winged lions. Ruler of all stars and planets, and rain clouds.

Ishtar - Babylonian Great Goddess, Star, Light of the World. Righteous judge, Lawgiver, Bestower of Strength, Lady of Victory, Forgiver of Sins. Mother of Harlots, Compassionate Prostitute. Framer of all decrees. Often depicted in breast-offering pose. Mother of the fruitful breast. Juniper sacred to Her.

Kadi - Babylonian Goddess of Der, a Serpent with a Woman's head and breasts.

Lilith - totem the owl. Divine Lady. In Jewish mythology, She was Adam's first wife (before Eve) Sumero-Babylonian Goddess. Her flower is the lily.

Manat - Arabic Moon Goddess. Ruler of Fate, Luck and Fortune. She was venerated in a Sacred Stone at Kodaid in pre-Islamic times and was one of the Trinity of Fates worshipped at Mecca. Moon Mother of Mecca. aka Al-Lat, Al-Uzza. Lapis Niger (Black stone) sacred to Her.

Mari - Mother Sea, Great Fish Who gave birth to the gods, Fruitful Mother. Middle Eastern Sun Goddess.

Shayba - Arabic-Aramaean title of the Great Goddess. Shayba was Old Woman whose spirit dwelt in the Sacred Stone of the Kaaba in Mecca.

Shebat - Mesopotamian Moon Goddess.

Shekina - Jewish Cabalistic version of Shakti. The Soul of God. God required his Shekina for Wisdom and Creativity.

Tiamat - Serpent Goddess of the Watery Abyss. Sumerian Creatress. Sumero-Babylonian Goddess Mother, from Whose formless body the Universe was born at creation. Personification of The Deep. Mother Sea.

Tirgata - Fish Goddess of Syria.


Antares - The star called the Scorpion’s eye. The spirit-star of the Old Goddess of the Pawnee and Cherokee Indians.

Awitelin Tsita - Four fold Vessel, Mother of the Zuni people.

Butterfly Maiden - A kachina of the Hopi Who rules Springtime. Female fertilizing force. She is the center, the transformer.

Estsanatlehi - Changing Woman. Navajo kind-hearted Earth Goddess of creation. She dances on the 4 mountains - creating rain clouds from the east, beautiful fabrics and jewels from the south, plants of all kinds from the west, and corn and animals from the north. Creator of the Blessingway.

Spider Woman - aka Spinning Woman, Thinking Woman. Creatress. She wove the universe every day and unraveled the web every night.

Toad Goddess - wife of the Sun.

White Buffalo Woman


Hina - Virgin Goddess, Creatress of the World. She was the Moon and the First Woman. All women embody Her spirit.

Laka - Hawaiian Goddess of Hula. Graceful and pleasure-loving Goddess. Yellow and gold are Her colors. Maile and Plumaria are Her Flowers.

Nyai Loro Kidul – Javanese mermaid goddess of the South Seas.
Pele - Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and the Underworld. Goddess of volcanoes and lava flows. Tempestuous and most beautiful goddess of Mt. Kilauea.

Tangoroa - Polynesian Dove Goddess

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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Čekaj, Fantome, ima ih još... Možda ti se još neka svidi. ;)


Bee Goddess - 5000 BCE - This Goddess is depicted with bee eyes and antennae as well as the three parallel lines which identify her as a creature that flies. She symbolized fertility and regeneration in Neolithic Spain.

Crowned Butterfly Goddess - 4000 BCE - Arising from the horns of the sacred bull, this Minoan Crowned Butterfly Goddess symbolized fertility and regeneration in ancient Crete.

Bird Goddess of Vinca - 5500 BCE

Eye Goddess - Found throughout Mesopotamia. In 3500 - 2,000 BCE. Syria, this Sumerian Madonna Goddess was known as Mari, Whose huge eyes searched men's souls.

Goddess of Laussel - Old Stone Age (30,000 - 20,000 BCE)

Nile Goddess - This prehistoric fertility Goddess with a bird's head was fashioned from ancient Nile mud.

Goddess of Lespugne - Fertility Goddess carved in ivory from ancient France. (30,000 - 20,000 BCE)

Goddess of Menton - Old Stone Age (30,000 - 20,000 BCE)Goddess of Willendorf - Great Goddess (30,000 - 20,000 BCE) Paleolithic Fertile Mother. Old Stone Age.

Goddess of Willendorf - Great Goddess (30,000 - 20,000 BCE) Paleolithic Fertile Mother. Old Stone Age.


Angeyja - Scandinavian Water Goddess.

Atla - Scandinavian Water Goddess.

Audumla - Scandinavian Cow of Creation.

Avfruvva - Mermaid Goddess of Finland.

Baduhenna - War-Maddened. Scandinavian War Goddess.

Sol - Norwegian Sun Goddess.


Baba Yaga – crone goddess. She travels through the air in a mortar bowl, pushing it with the pestle or a broom. She is always hungry.

Devana – goddess of the hunt, who roams the Carpathian forests.

Dodola – goddess of clouds and rain.

Lada – goddess of spring, love and beauty. She lives in the Otherworld, called Vyri, until the spring equinox, when she emerges, bringing Spring with her.

Marzanna - The personification of death and winter. Depicted as an old woman dressed in white.

Mokosh – Earth goddess. She rules over fertility and midwifery. Commonly called Mati-Syrs-Zemlya or Moist Mother Earth. She spins flax and wool into the web of life and death. She is dark, like good black soil. Protectress of marriage and patron of household chores.

Morena – Slovakian goddess of death and regeneration

Myesyats – Moon goddess.

Pereplut – goddess of good fortune. Worshipped by drinking from a horn.

Rozhanitsy – Mother and daughter goddesses of fertility.

Srecha – Goddess of fate and also of spinning and household chores. She spun and cut the thread of life.

Uroda – Slovakian goddess of agriculture and fields.

Vesna – Goddess of Spring (possibly Serbian)

Zivena – Slovakian Goddess of Life

Zorya – Russian triple goddess representing Dawn, Twilight and Midnight. Guardians of the Universe.


Akewa - Sun Goddess of the Toba of Argentina. Sister of all earthly women.

Akka - Eponymous ancestral Goddess of Akkad. The Old Woman, the Grandmother or the Midwife. Water-drawer Who brought gods to birth out of the Primal Deep.

Altan-Telgey - Mongolian Earth goddess. Golden Surface.

Amashilamma - Sumerian Cow Goddess.

Amma - Norse Grandmother Goddess Who gave birth to the race of Freemen.

Anat (Anata) - Great Goddess of the Ugaritic pantheon had 4 separate aspects: Warrior, Mother, Virgin and Wanton. Mother of all nations, Virgin Mistress of the gods.

Angerboda - The Hag of the Iron Wood. aka Hel.

Apia-Fellus - Scythian Earth Goddess

Ararat - Ancient Anatolian World Creator Goddess, embodied the famous Mt.. Ararat in modern Armenia.

Armathr - Mother of Prosperity. Icelandic Goddess incarnate in a Sacred Stone.

Arinna – Hittite/Anatolian Great Goddess, Most Sacred Goddess of the Sun.

Artimpaasa - Scythian Love Goddess Who ruled the Moon.

Aspelenie - Lithuanian Goddess ruled the corner of the house behind the stove. Her animal form was a little ringed snake.

Astarte - Phoenician Great Goddess. Lady of Byblos, one of the oldest forms of the Great Goddess in the Middle East. Her shrine at Byblos dates back to the Neolithic and flourished through the Bronze Age. True Sovereign of the World. She was the creating, preserving and destroying Goddess worshipped by all Indo-European cultures. Queen of the Stars, Mother of all Souls. Lily was Her flower. aka Tanit. The White sow. Dove, Her bird. Womb. Her colors were red and white, Acacia and Tamarisk are Her trees. Sometimes depicted with the head of a lioness. In some pictures She stands small-breasted and naked on the back of a lioness, with a lotus and a mirror in one hand and 2 snakes in the other. Tamarisk is Her sacred tree.

Atargatis - Philistine Fish Goddess. (Dea Syria, Derceto, Derketo) Syrian/Aramaic Mermaid Goddess of fertilizing moisture. Beautiful and wise Vegetation Goddess, Sky Goddess, Dolphin-crowned Sea Goddess.

Auchimalgen - Moon Goddess, Protectress of the Araucanians of Chile.

Aunt Nancy - Haitian voodoo Spider Woman.

Azer-Ava - Rain bringing Sky Goddess of the Mordvins of eastern Russia.

Ba Alat (Belili, Beltis) - Our Lady, chief deity of the Phoenicians. She was shown as a heavily-built naked woman Whose hands supported Her mature breasts. Wise old Lady of the Trees.

Bachue - Great ancestral Goddess of the Chibcha from Columbia.

Beiwe - Arctic Sun Goddess of the Saami. She made new plants grow and Protectress of reindeer. When She was invoked, a special prayer was always said for the insane.

Bendis - Thracian Goddess of Destruction, the Crone and the Waning Moon. Cappodocian Earth Goddess.

Beruth - Phoenecian High Goddess, Mother Earth.

Bila - Australian Sun Goddess.

Biliku - Creatress of the Earth. Andamanese Islands Goddess. Kindly and fearsome, She sometimes appeared in a spider's form. She was the first to own fire.

Bonto - Mordvin Creator Goddess.

Buana - Good Mother. Cow Goddess. Milk-giving Mother of wealth and plenty.

Bugady Musun - Siberian Mother of the Animals. Sometimes depicted as a very old, very strong woman. In Her animal form, She was a huge female elk or a wild reindeer. Ruler of all life, all food.

Byul-Soon - Korean Star Goddess.

Car - Indo-European Goddess. Mother of carnivals, charms and the alphabet.

Cybele - Great Mother Goddess of Phrygia. 200 B.C. Depicted with a lion at Her feet. Also known as Zemelo to the Phrygians. Great Mother of the gods from Ida. Lady of the Caves. Lapis Niger (Black stone) sacred to Her. Mother of the gods. Her sanctuaries were on mountains, frequently in caves. Her animals lions. Her priests, the galli, were self-emasculated eunuchs, attired in female garb and wearing long hair, fragrant with ointment. Rose is Her sacred flower.

Erigone - Goddess of Justice. aka Astraea, Starry One.

Erzulie - Haitian Goddess of love, luxury, refinement.

Gwenhwyfar - Welsh Goddess of the islands. She is said to have existed for as long as there was surf to pound against the rocky shore. Provided the Round Table of King Arthur's court, which made all the knights equal.

Har - Patroness of Temple Prostitutes.

Heimarmene - Pythagorean Goddess of Fate. Aspect of the triple Goddess with Ananke and Dike.

Kupala - Slavonic Water Mother Who annually renews Her virginity and vitality of nature with baptism. Her worshipers bathed themselves in rivers and purified their souls with the Dew of Kupala, gathered during the night of Her festival.

Lucetia (Lucina) - Sabine Goddess, the Mother of Light. She bestowed gifts of light, enlightenment and eyesight, especially as the Opener of eyes of newborn children. A wreath of rue tied with a red ribbon was her healing charm.

Magog - Biblical name of the Scythian Amazonian Goddess and Her land in the north, whence came equestrian warriors greatly feared by the Semites. Magpie Her bird.

Mamokoriyama - Primal Mother of the Yanomamo tribes, Who gave birth to the first people.

Mara - Exceedingly ancient name of the Goddess-as-Crone, the Death-bringer.

Mary - Virgin Mother of Jesus. Myrrh sacred to Her. Our Lady of Guadalupe. Tonantzin.

Mastor-Ava - Earth Goddess of Russia.

Mati-Syra-Zemlya - Moist Mother Earth worshipped by Slavic peasants even under orthodox Christianity. Her ceremonies take place outside the church, on the anniversaries of old pagan festivals. In August, She is invoked with libations of hemp oil.

Medea - Wise One. Eponymous Mother Goddess of the Medes. She was the All Wise One Who dwelt forever in Heaven.

Miti - Mother Goddess of the Chukchi. She gave secret of magic to humans.

Nammu - Sumerian Mother of the Universe.

Nemesis - Goddess of Retribution

Ninhursag - Akkadian Goddess, Mistress of Serpents. She Who gives life to the dead.Sumerian Mountain Mother. Creatress of first human beings whom She made out of clay. Associated with serpents and the Sacred Cow.

Ninsun - Akkadian Goddess Who knew all Knowledge, Mother of Gilgamesh.

Ninti - Lady of Life, Lady of the Rib. Sumerian Birth Goddess Who enabled pregnant women to make their babies bones out of their own ribs.

Niobe - Snowy One. Anatolian Mountain Goddess

Omphale - Lydian Goddess of the Hub, Omphalos, the navel-stone marking the center of the Universal Womb.

Rati - Balinese Goddess. Erotic Delight, Goddess of Sexual passions, Mistress of the Gods. Represented with huge breasts, a pregnant belly, a mouth twisted to one side and shaped like a vulva. Overflowing sexuality and fertility. Lady of Heaven. Muse of erotic poetry.

Siduri Sabitu - Babylonian Goddess of the Wine of Eternal Life.

Sige - Silence. Primal Creatress of Gnostics, who said Silence was the Mother of the Great Goddess Herself. Out of Her was born the first Word, the Logos of Creation.

Sophia - Gnostic creation myth said Sophia was born from the primordial female power Sige. Sophia gave birth to a male spirit, Christ, and a female spirit, Achamoth. Goddess of Wisdom. The World Soul was born of Her smile. Seven fold mandala represents 7 branches of learning.

Stella Maris - Star of the Sea. Epithet of Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Mari-Anna and the Virgin Mary.

Sunna - German Sun Goddess.

Tanit - Cathiginian name for Phoenician Great Goddess Astarte, Queen of the Stars. Her priestesses were famous astrologers. aka Astroarche, Queen of the Stars.

Thalassa - Great Goddess at Rhodes and Miletus, Mother of the Telchines (enchanters). Patroness of sex and marriage.

Uni - Etruscan Great Mother, Triple Goddess.

Vir-Ava - Forest Mother, form of Azer-Ava. Friendly tree Goddess Who welcomed berry pickers and mushroom hunters.

Va-Kul - Zyrian Mother of Waters, worshipped throughout the Middle Ages as a powerful Goddess Whose displeasure could cause catastrophe.

Walpurga - May Queen of Germany. Walpurisnacht was the orgiastic festival of the Springtime. Sacred Marriage.

Wawalak – Aboriginal sister goddesses.

Yemana – Cuban Santeria goddess of the ocean, beautiful and powerful goddess of the waters – Holy Queen Sea. Goddess of rain and all sea creatures. Goddess of motherhood. Number 7 is sacred to her, also blue candles and crystals. La Diosa del Mar. Mother of Fishes. She came to Cuba with Yoruban slaves.

Zemelo - Great Mother Goddess of Phrygia.

Izvor: http://www.mothergoddess.com/names.htm

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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Evo nešto i za šta ne treba prevod:

Izvor: Wikipedija

Božica je božanstvo u obliku žene (iako to mogu biti i bića koja nalikuju ženama, kao što su sirene u grčkoj mitologiji) koje su često ljudi štovali. Nekoliko kultura ima božice. Božice imaju politeisti, jer monoteisti vjeruju u Boga, iako sve više kršćana smatra da Bog ne mora uvijek biti muškog roda, pa zamjenicom Ona nazivaju Boga. Pojedina monoteistička religija naziva Boga drugim imenom, za razliku od druge monoteističke religije. Od indoeruropskih religija najviše božica imala je nordijska mitologija.

Česti simbol božica je krug, kojem s lijeve i desne strane stoji po jedan polumjesec.

* 1 Religije
o 1.1 Hinduizam
o 1.2 Sikhizam
o 1.3 Grčkorimska religija
o 1.4 Keltska mitologija
o 1.5 Nordijska mitologija
o 1.6 Egipatska mitologija
* 2 Monoteističke religije


Durga ubija demona, bivola Mahishasura

Hinduizam je religija koja ima nekoliko bogova i božica, a od sviju božanstava najvažniji je Brahma, stvoritelj svijeta, a žena mu je Sarasvati. Shaktas je je majka sviju božica. Šiva ima ženu Parvati. U hinduizmu postoji 180 imena nekoliko božica. U hinduizmu ima i dvospolnih bogova kao što su Lakšmi-Višnu, Šiva-Šakti, Radha-Krišna i drugi. Jedan bog je muški bog (Šaktiman) i ženska energija (Šakti), koji radi s dinamičnom ženskom energijom.


Sikhi su monoteisti i vjeruju u Boga. Glavni im je vođa Guru Granth Sahib, koji se punim imenom zove Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Skulpture sikhizma govore o Bogu kao Ocu i Majci.
Wikicitati „Bog je moj Protektor, moja Majka i moj Otac.“
(Guru Granth Sahib (dio citata)

Grčkorimska religija
Kip rimske božice Cerere

* Perzefona, kraljica podzemnog svijeta,
* Demetra, božica ratarsta, Zemlje i plodnosti,
* Afrodita, božica ljubavi i ljepote,
* Artemida, božica lova i šuma,
* Atena, božica rata, zanatstva i zaštitnica grada Atene,
* Kibela, "majka Zemlja",
* Hera, božica braka, Zeusova žena,
* Nika, božica trijumfa i pobjede,
* Potria Theron,
* Selena, božica Mjeseca, ali i njegova personifikacija.

Keltska mitologija

* Agrona, božica rata,
* Brigid,
* Matrona, "majka božica",
* Morrígan, božica bitki i plodnosti,
* Sulis.

Nordijska mitologija

* Freyja, božica ljubavi i ljepote,
* Frigg, vrhovna božica Asa,
* Fulla,
* Gná,
* Gullveig, misteriozna božica,
* Hel, božica podzemlja,
* Hlín,
* Nanna,
* Nerthus,
* Norne, suđenice nordijske mitologije,
* Nótt, božica koja je personifikacija noći,
* Sol.

Egipatska mitologija

* Mut, kćer boga Sunca, Amonova žena,
* Izida, božica majka,
* Hathor, božica koja može preuzeti lik krave, najljepša božica,
* Neftis, božica grobnica,
* Nut, božica neba i zvijezda,
* Tawaret, božica trudnoće i majčinstva,
* Meskhenet, božica rađanja, zaštitnica male djece.

Monoteističke religije

Monoteistička kultura nema božica te se za Boga smatra da spada u muški rod, ali gramatički ne može se ustvrditi kojeg je Bog roda, no većina monoteista Boga zove i Ocem i sličnim imenima. Kršćani djevicu, Bogorodicu Mariju, smatraju da je nešto kao božica. Njezin sin je Bog u utjelovljenju čovjeka.

U judaizmu (kao i u drugim monoteističkim religijama) Boga se smatra da je u muškom rodu, no Židovi ne mogu točno reći kojeg je Bog spola. U kršćanstvu, Marija je bila Bogorodica, koja je rodila Isusa, Boga u utjelovljenju čovjeka, pa se nju smatra kraljicom, ali i nešto poput božice. U islamu Marija je smatrana djevicom, ali je ne smatraju kao božicu ili kraljicu (nisu joj propisane božanske osobine) i ne vjeruju da je njezin sin Isus, Sin Božji, pa je to u islamu najveći grijeh.

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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PostajNaslov: Re: Ženska Božanstva   Ženska Božanstva Icon_minitimesri kol 12, 2009 10:05 am

ajme sta ih je nisam znao ni da ima tolko bogova
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PostajNaslov: Re: Ženska Božanstva   Ženska Božanstva Icon_minitimesri kol 12, 2009 10:36 am

E, pa, upravo to je i bio cilj ovoga popisa... ;)
Videti koliko ih je zapravo. *

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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Ajme koji popis, ima se što čitati, budem sutra ili neki drugi dan miga
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PostajNaslov: Re: Ženska Božanstva   Ženska Božanstva Icon_minitimečet kol 13, 2009 1:03 am

Stop :offtopic: !!!

Jesam li se ja ovoliko mučila da mi vi ovde oftopičarite?... ;) *

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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zvezda je napisao/la:
Stop :offtopic: !!!

Jesam li se ja ovoliko mučila da mi vi ovde oftopičarite?... ;) *
Offtopic prebacen na Sokratov klub za neznalice pa nek tamo uce jezike miga

A tema mi je ides

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PostajNaslov: Re: Ženska Božanstva   Ženska Božanstva Icon_minitimečet kol 13, 2009 12:22 pm

Bravo, tamo joj je i mesto! ;) *

"...ja sam Bog, ja sam junak, ja sam filozof, ja sam Đavo i ja sam svet, a to je zamoran način da se kaže da ne postojim."
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